Product to Part Options


You can select several options to change the standard behavior.
By default, these options are not selected.

Merge all bodies of each part in one body

The Merge all bodies of each part in one body option allows you:

  • for solids:
    • to merge in one body the solids found in all the bodies of each CATPart.
  • for surfacic elements:
    • to merge ordered geometrical sets in one hybrid body, if you have enabled hybrid design,
    • to merge geometrical sets in one body, if you have not enabled hybrid design.

Keep colors and attributes on subelements

This option overrides the standard behavior for colors and attributes and keeps the visual aspect of the original data:

  • if a color and attributes have been applied to the instance, they are kept in the resulting CATPart,
  • if the instance has no color and/or no attributes, the behavior is that of Keep colors and attributes on subelements in the Part to Part chapter.

More information

  • Filtering applies only to the contents of Bodies, Geometrical Sets or Ordered Geometrical Sets.
  • Only visible geometries are transferred, and that no empty body is created in the resulting CATPart.
  • Elements other than the geometry, the axis system or the colors and attributes on subelements are never transferred.
Case of V4 data:
  • V4 data are processed according to the standard V4 Integration.
  • However changes of the Show/NoShow status or of the colors and graphic attributes made since their import in V5 are not taken into account, e.g. if you have sent a V4 element to the NoShow in V5, it will be transferred since it is its V4 status that is taken into account. To make those changes effective, you need to make those changes in a V4 session, save the data in V4 and re-import them to V5.
  • For V4 models, all wireframe features are created in a single specific Geometrical Set named Wireframe.