Translating Files from the Command Line

This procedure describes how to run the CATDMUUtility Batch. 
The CATDMUUtility is a batch process enabling the generation of .CATPart, .cgr formats from SolidEdge/Parasolid/VDA-FS files.

A typical computation parameters file looks like this:



Please find below the different options available.

Input Options

-f : Input file with appropriate extension. A path must follow the option. Extension files should be .par.

Output Options

-cgr : Output file for cgr corresponding to a part input file.
-part : Output file for CATPart corresponding to the part input file.

Other options

The other options available for conversion are the settings corresponding to the environment.
They are defined in Tools -> Options -> General -> Compatibility -> External Formats.
In particular, the use of cgr or CATPart can be customized in these options.
For more information see Customizing External Formats.


How to run the Batch

Run the following shell to start the batch process :
  1. Write a shell script containing the following lines:

    "C:\<install_dir>\intel_a\code\bin\\CATStart.exe -env CATIA.V5R10.B10 -direnv C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv -run "CATDMUUtility.exe -f inputfile -cgr outputfile1"
    -env ... is the default environment
    -direnv ... is the directory path containing this environment.
    CATIA.V5R10.B10 is an example of environment name, it will vary with the level of CATIA installed.

  2. Run the shell.