Checking In Documents  

This page provides instructions for checking in documents.

You will check in documents:

In both cases, the instructions to follow and detailed in this page are the same.



How to Check In Documents

Checking in a document means closing the document in your CATIA session and placing it in the electronic vault. Once placed in the vault, everybody can then access it to read it. however, the document is protected from unauthorized modifications.

The electronic vault ensures that only those persons with access permission may access a file, and that a file cannot be modified by more than one person at a time.

  1. From the SmarTeam toolbar, click Check In .
    Alternatively, select SmarTeam  >  Life Cycle > Check In.
    The Check In dialog box is displayed.

  2. Fill in the fields as described in Check In Dialog Box, or accept the default attributes.

  3. Click OK  to confirm the Check In operation and exit the dialog box.
    When done, the status of the document is changed to "Checked In"


While placing the document in the vault, the application also enables you to keep a copy of the document in your session (use Keep Local File), for instance to reuse it in another workbench.

Check In Dialog Box

The following describes the options in the Check In dialog box:

Name Description
Set to No Operation Performs no operation on the selected object
Set to Check In Checks the selected document into the vault
Apply Operation to Branch Applies this operation to the entire document branch
Comment Allows you to enter any comments relating to the Check In process
Keep Checked Out Keeps the file checked out for modifications after performing the Check In operation
Keep Local File Keeps the file located in the working directory in read-only mode
Released Parents of Previous Revision Links the object to all the released parents of the previous revision
Checked in Parents of Previous Revision Links the object to the checked in parents of the previous revision
Phase Open the combo box to select an option to define the phase for this revision. This field is descriptive only and does not affect the revision status
Effective From/Until Click the Date button to enter applicable dates for effectivity in these fields
Current Revision Checks the document in as a new revision.
Replace Previous Revision Checks the document in under the previous revision, overwriting the previous revision
Apply Changes Performs the Check In operation and keeps the dialog box open.
OK Performs the Check In operation and you exit the dialog box.

Checking In a Document for the First Time

When a document is first created and saved into the SmarTeam database, it is automatically assigned the status "New". This means that the document has not yet been checked into a SmarTeam vault for safekeeping. To protect the document from modifications, place the document into the SmarTeam vault by checking it in. After the document has been checked in, its status is changed to "Checked In" .

Checking In a Document (other than the first time)

After a document has been checked out and perhaps modified, it must be placed back into the vault. At this point, you can check the document back into the vault in one of two ways:

  • Check In - simply places the document back in the Check In vault. (You can later apply the Check Out operation on the document to make further changes).

  • Release - moves the document to the Released vault.

What happens next?

At any time it is possible to reopen the document in your CATIA session. If you need to modify it, the part must be checked out. Otherwise, the part can be copied in your session in read-only mode.


To be able to make changes to a document checked in to the vault, check it out of the vault as explained in Checking Out Documents.