Enriched Decision Support with All V5 Links

There is a large number of documents and relations between CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA documents. The native SmarTeam integration of CATIA link semantics enables dedicated behavior on each link type. It provides an easier navigation thanks to a dedicated link type display (icon), and makes it possible to filter document relations display.

The benefits are as follows:

  • easier manipulation

  • fewer interactions

  • reduced data flow between vault & local disk

  • reduction of the file brought onto the local disk

  • facilitation of concurrent engineering.

For example, viewing a .catalog document does not bring the referenced Parts onto the local disk. Another example is the handling of CATAnalysis documents: editing a CATAnalysis file by default checks out and copies the results (CATAnalysisResult and CATAnalysisComputation files) to the local disk.


Enriched decision support is provided by means of the native SmarTeam support of V5 links summarized as follows:

Icons Links
  CATIA Product Link (P)
CATIA Design Link (D)
CATIA Rule Base Link (RUL)
CATIA Design Table Link (DT)
CATIA Downstream Application Link (DA)
CATIA Reference Link (REF)
CATIA Contextual link (C)
CATIA Result Link (RES)
  CATIA Is Composed Of (IS)

Here is the list of CATIA links natively supported in SmarTeam:

  • Product Structure link

The Product Structure link plays a part in the BOM structure. It is displayed as a standard hierarchical link.
CATProduct->CATProduct, CATProduct->CATPart, CATProduct->Internal Component...

  • Is Composed Of link

The Is Composed Of link is an aggregation link but which plays no part in the BOM structure. It is displayed as a standard hierarchical link.

CATDrawing->Sheet, Catalog->catalog

  • Design link

The Design link plays a direct part in the design process.

copy-paste with link & import link (CATPart->CATPart, CATPart->model), link to external parameters (formulas), MultiCAD links (CATProduct/CATPart->MultiCAD document) etc.

  • Downstream Application link

The Downstream Application link is a link between a downstream application and the design data

CATDrawing->CATProduct/CATPart, CATProcess->CATProduct/CATPart, CATAnalysis->CATProduct/CATPart

  • Contextual link

The Contextual link is a link between the contextual Part and its product context (CATPart->CATProduct).

  • Design Table link

The Design Table link is a link between a CATIA document and its design table (Excel or text file).

  • Result Link

The Result link corresponds to CATIA output links:

CATAnalysis->CATAnalysisResult, CATAnalysisComputation...
CATProcess->NC (aptsource, CATNCCode, tlp)
CATProcess documentation link (html)
Knowledge optimization link (CATIADocument->excel/text)

  • Rule Base link

The Rule Base link describes a link between an instance of a rule base and its reference.

  • Reference link

The Reference link includes all the CATIA links which do not correspond to the other eight link types:

CATProcess->NC Manufacturing Part (CATPart)