Tools For Working in a Concurrent Engineering Environment









SmarTeam - CATIA Integration facilitates working concurrently. This is performed by:

Thus, working concurrently is easier:

  • by promoting:
    • the opening of documents without any check-out (View)

    • the check-out using the CATIA SmarTeam > Life Cycle > Check-Out command or by means of a check-out on the fly

    • the use of the Refresh command (to update the product structure and desk tree icons)

  • thru easy access to the product structure tree and, in File Desk, to the read-only and modified status.

Displayed Information

Non-Latest Revision Status

If a document is opened in CATIA with a revision that is not the latest, the SmarTeam information is displayed in the product structure and file desk trees.

Modified and Read-Only Status

If a checked-in or released document is opened in CATIA and is modified, a specific icon mask is displayed in the CATIA product structure and file desk trees.


Tree Refresh

The CATIA SmarTeam > Refresh command updates the product structure and file desk icons with regard to SmarTeam information.

This is particularly useful for concurrent engineering. For instance, if you are using checked-in parts within their assembly, you can use Refresh to check whether its loaded parts correspond to the latest revision. Another user may have performed a check-out, modifications and a check-in while the first user is still using the same file revision.

Note :

The Tree Refresh capability updates the display of icons representing documents in the specification tree (but does not update your session).

Check-Out on the Fly

After an initial modification on a checked-in or released document, a window is displayed asking you if you want to perform a check-out on the fly operation. This functionality enables you to perform check-outs only when necessary and thus contributes to concurrent engineering.