Creating Boundaries

This task shows you how to create boundaries for compartments.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Automatically
  • Using the Boundary command. This is useful when the wall of a compartment needs to be split into more than one boundary to accommodate, for example, two compartments on the other side.

Make sure options are set correctly. Select from the menu bar:
Tools - Options - Infrastructure - Part Infrastructure

On the General tab under External References, check Keep Link With Selected Object and Show Newly Created External References.

Automatically Creating Boundaries 

1.  Right-click on the compartment for which you want to create boundaries, and select Edit Compartment from the drop-down menu.

The Compartment Definition dialog box displays.

2. Click the Extract Boundaries button in the dialog box.

Boundaries are created. You see them listed in the specifications tree.

Using the Boundary Command

  You typically use the Boundary command when you split a compartment surface.
1. Click the Boundary button .

The Boundary Definition dialog box displays.

2. Select one of the split surfaces (reference surface). 
3. Enter a name for the boundary.
4. Click OK.