Creating Complex Compartments

You can create complex compartments from existing compartments by merging and subtracting them. Merge and subtract options can be combined to create more complex geometry. 
This task shows you how to create a complex compartment from two or more existing compartments. A complex compartment can have more than six faces.
1. With your document open, and after creating two or more compartments:

Click the Complex Compartment button .

The Complex Compartment Definition dialog box displays.

2. Select the existing compartments you want to combine.

Compartments are listed in the Geometry tab under the Compartments column. By default, compartments are merged.

When creating complex compartments, you can merge or subtract existing compartments, combining your operations in any order.
  • To subtract a compartment, select the compartment and click Subtract.
  • To insert a compartment, select where you want to insert it under the Compartments column, then click Insert. Select the compartment in the dialog box or the specifications tree.
  • Remove and Replace options let you delete a compartment, or replace a compartment in the definition of the complex compartment.
3. Click Preview to preview the complex compartment, then click OK.
The Results tab of the dialog box gives the volume, total area and center coordinates of the compartment previewed. This information can also be accessed by editing an existing complex compartment.