Placing an Access Part Using the Compass

This task shows you how to place an access part using the compass to define the offset.
1. Select the part you want to place.
2. Click the Place Access Part button. The Catalog Browser displays.
3. Select the part you want to place.

When you move your pointer the door will "snap" to the grid. The grid step is determined by the value you enter in the grid step field.

When you move the door it displays the distance from the compass, in the W/Z direction, in multiples of the grid step value.

4. Define the placement boundary by entering by entering a DZ value in the DX, DY, DZ field:

This specifies the offset from the compass where you want to place the access part.

5. Define the orientation boundary and complete the door placement by following the last two steps in Placing a Door or Hatch on a Compartment.