Selecting Compartments to Generate

This task shows you how to select which compartments to generate before using the Generate Compartments command.
You should finalize your wall system layout before you generate the compartments. While it is possible to make changes to the layout after you have generated the compartments, it is not recommended.
1. Select the Manage Compartment Generation button.
  2. Select a wall system.

The selected wall system is highlighted in green, and each compartment shows  On (by default) indicating that it is enabled for generation:


  3. Click any one of the On compartments to toggle it to Off and disable that compartment for generation.

As you move the cursor over the compartment, its highlight changes to orange as shown in the previous diagram. When you toggle a compartment to Off, it is highlighted in red.

Now you can generate the selected compartments. See Generating Compartments from a Wall System.