Modifying a Compartment User Type

This task shows you how to modify the user type of a compartment or boundary.

When you first create a compartment (with its associated boundary) it is given a broad user type "compartment" (or "boundary"). You can change this to more accurately represent the type of  compartment, based on its intended use. Similarly, the boundary type can be changed to reflect the type of compartment.

You can create your own types using the Feature Dictionary, as explained in a different section.

1. With your document open, select the compartments (in the specifications tree) whose user type you want to change and then click the Change Compartment User Type button .  The Change User Type dialog box displays, with the selected compartments listed.
2. The selected type is "compartment". To change it, click the button next to the New Type field. The Class Browser displays. Expand "Compartment" to view all the types available to you.

3. Select the type you want and click OK.
4. Back in the User Type dialog box select the compartments to which you want this type to apply. Click Apply or OK. The user type you selected displays. Also, the name of the compartment changes based on the object naming scheme.

Selecting the type of a boundary follows the same process, except that you click the Change Boundary User Type button , select a boundary, and the Class Browser displays different types.