Intersecting a Wall System with a Surface

This task shows you how to intersect an existing wall system with a surface and create a new wall system.

This task continues and uses the sample from Building a Wall System Part.

You should Hide any adjoining wall systems before creating a new wall system, and show the hull of the ship, as you will use it to define the intersection.

1. Select a wall system.
2. Click the Intersect Wall System button .

The Intersecting Surfaces dialog box displays, showing the existing surfaces of the selected wall system:

3. Select the hull of the ship.

One of the following occurs:

  • If you split the hull into multiple published surfaces, as recommended, and you selected one of those surfaces, your selection is added to the list displayed in the Intersecting Surfaces Dialog. In the Intersection Status column, this selection is listed as To be intersected.
  • If you split the hull into multiple published surfaces, but you select the entire hull, the following dialog box displays:

Select the surface you want to intersect, and click the arrow to move it into the Surfaces to Intersect column. Click OK.

  • If you did not split the hull into multiple published surfaces, and you select the hull, a warning message displays.
  4. Click OK.

The new intersection is added as indicated by the white line in the following diagram:

You can now use the Sketcher to create a sketch of  the compartments in this new wall system.