Using the Joystick Control Panel

This section provides information about using the Joystick Control Panel in order to set the joystick behavior.
If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you must setup the joystick prior to run the joystick command. To do so, select Tools > Options > General > Devices and Virtual Reality > Devices
  • in the power input field, enter c:stereoscopic then activate the Stereo mode and set it to Automatic
  • click Joystick in the Automatically Started Daemons area.

Otherwise, you can still run the joystick daemon named CATJoystickDriver. Refer to the Joystick Spacestick part to read more on how to run a joystick daemon. 

  1. In the power input box, key in the following command:


    The Joystick Control Panel dialog box opens:

  2. Select your Navigation mode by selecting the appropriate option: Fly or Walk.

    These navigation modes are totally independent from the standard Fly and Walk modes available in the View toolbar.
  3. Click More >> to display detailed information about the joystick:

  4. In the Fly Sensitivity area, use the sliders to define the sensibility when rotating around the X, Y and Z axes.

  5. The Speed area lets you choose between the joystick slider or the joystick buttons to set the maximum displacement speed:

    • Use Slider enables you to enter a number comprised between 0 to the maximum speed
    • Use Buttons activates Increase and Decrease to let you set the buttons that will increase or decrease speed.
  6. Still in the Speed area, enter the Increase rate by which the speed will be increased when pressing the joystick button.

  7. The Button Customization area enables you to assign an action to the button of your choice. First select an action from the pulldown list then click Choose a Button and choose the desired button.

  8. In the Navigation Options area, you can select the appropriate options to:

    • move in the sight direction. This option is used in combination with head tracking
    • invert the joystick top and bottom
    • invert the joystick right and left
    • invert Y axis and Z rotation.
    When activated, Gravitational effects during navigation indicates that gravitational effects are enabled while navigating in Walk Mode. This option must be activated (and also deactivated) via the Tools > Options > General > Display > Navigation tab.
    Note that gravitational effects are not relevant for Fly mode navigation.
  9. The TopHat options area lets you use the cursor. First click Activates the cursor to activate the TopHat options.

    A cross appears on the screen to simulate the mouse. You can then perform the same interactions as you would do with a mouse.

  10. Use the Speed slider to set the cursor speed.

  11. Click Double speed after a long impulse to double the cursor speed when making a long impulse.

  12. Stop at screen border enables the cursor to be snapped to the screen border you are getting nearer. Otherwise, the cursor will reappear on the opposite screen border.

  13. Click Close when satisfied with your parameters.

    The Default button lets you reset the TopHat options to the default parameters.

The Walk mode options slightly differ from the Fly mode options as shown below:

The Walk Sensitivity area lets you set the speed while moving along the X and Y axes and while rotating around the Z axis.

You can use the Vertical Translation area to choose whether you wish to use the buttons or the slider. In case you use the slider, you can indicate the maximum slider speed in the Max Speed box.

If you choose to use the buttons, clicking Go Up or Go Down then a joystick button lets you assign this button to the corresponding direction.

Note that all these information are saved in settings files.