Using Generative View Styles

Generative View Styles (GVS) are used to produce structural drawings. These view styles let you customize the appearance of drawings using a a set of parameters defined in an XML file. It is the administrator's job to provide suitable styles.
For more information on generative view styles and other drafting capabilities, see the Generative Drafting User's Guide.
This tasks shows you how to produce drawings using generative view styles.

The appearance of the 2-D drawings that you generate is controlled by settings in the following XML file:


The reference planes that will be used for a given project are defined in an XML file pointed by a PRM resource:


For more information, see Project Reference Planes.

An appropriate application license for Generative Drafting is required.
1. Before you start, specify your settings in your 3D document.

From the menu bar, select Tools - Options - Mechanical Design - Drafting, and select the Administration tab.

  2. In the Generative View Style section, uncheck the Prevent generative view style creation option.

This activates generative view style functionalities.