Creating a Start Condition and 3D Context 

The Define Condition command is used to create a start/end condition and 3D context for activities and resource with behavior.

Starting with the R17 Release, the Define conditions command can also be used for processes, that have a resource as a parent.

See also: Adding an Activity as a Child to a resource.&

The Define condition command enables you to define the start condition, end condition and 3D context for these processes. In order to define the start condition, end condition or 3D context, you must select the resource with behavior or a process. The following procedure specifies how the defining takes place. According to the specified definition, either the start condition, end condition, or 3D context will be displayed as the child of the resource in the tree (picture below) of the selected resource (Line MA in the example).

Named Part Positions or Named 3D States have been already been created before creating a condition and 3D context.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes)


Click on the Define Condition command . The icon turns orange to indicate that it is active.


Select an activity or a resource with behavior for which a Start Condition and 3D Context is to be created:

After the activity is selected, the Create Begin State dialog box is displayed: The Item and Resource tabbed windows list the Items and Resources that have Named States applied to them.


All characters occurring in the name of the resource or product can be used as searching criteria. The Search algorithm does not differentiate between lower-case or upper-case letters.

It does not matter if the users enters a lower-case 'a'. If one or more of the displayed resources/products contains an ‘a’ this resource/product will be displayed no matter if it contains an upper-case or a lower-case ‘a’.

In the example the search criteria is ‘BO’ so all resources/products which contain this string will be displayed.

Clicking on an item in the list displays the Named State(s) for the selected item in the States window:


Select the desired States and use the -> button to send each selected State to the Begin State window list:


Click OK to save the Start Condition for the selected activity. The Start Condition is listed under the activity in the PPR tree:

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes)


  • The Start Condition and 3D Context are shown in the PPR tree only when the Activity States checkbox is enabled in the Tools -> Options settings for DPM Process and Resource Definition.