Creating a Dowel  

This task shows you how to create a dowel by specifying the punch geometrical parameters.

Open the NEWStamping.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  1. Click Dowel .

  2. Click the surface where you want to place the dowel.
    A grid is displayed to help you position the dowel.

    The Dowel definition dialog box is displayed, providing default values.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to change the diameter value.

    In our example we chose a value of 20mm.
    The dowel's diameter is updated accordingly.
  4. Should you need to change the position of the dowel on the surface, click Positioning Sketch .

    The Sketcher workbench opens and a point representing the dowel's position is displayed on the surface.
  5. Move the dowel on the surface according to your needs.

  6. Exit the Sketcher workbench.

    The dowel is positioned according to your settings.
  7. If needed, you can change the dowel's direction by clicking the red arrow.

  8. Click Preview to visualize the dowel.

  9. Click OK to create the dowel.

    The specification tree is updated accordingly.
    You cannot perform operations on a dowel such as creating a cutout or a stamp.
    Refer to the Customizing Standard Files chapter for more information about defining the Standards Files.