Placing Contextual Slots

This task shows you how to create a contextual slot in a shape to allow passage of another shape.

Slots are added where necessary to allow passage of structural members, e.g. shapes or plates. Generic slots are features with multiple inputs. They depend on external objects (other plates, shapes, planes, etc.) to be placed. A sample feature catalog containing slots is provided with the product.

You can also place a standard slot feature.

1. With your document open, click the Contextual Slot icon. The Catalog Selection for Slot dialog box displays.

2. Navigate to the chapter and family that contains the appropriate slot type for the shape being used.
  Use the Filter button to narrow your search. Use the wild card (*) symbol at the end of the keyword (e.g., slot*) to include all entries beginning with "slot".
3. Select the slot you need.

4. Click OK and the Instantiate Feature dialog box displays.

The Feature field lists the slot you have selected.

  5. Select the active object on which the slot will be placed, in our example the larger shape.

The Active Object field displays displays the part number of the shape selected.

  6. Select external inputs from which information will be obtained before placing the slot.

In our example, there is only one external input: the smaller shape. The part number of the smaller shape displays next to the Shape1 field.

7. Click OK in the Instantiate Feature dialog box to place the slot.