Placing and Modifying Standard Slots  

This task shows you how to create standard slots.  

Slots are added where necessary to allow passage of structural members, e.g. shapes or plates.

1. With your product open, click the Standard Slot icon.

The Slot dialog box opens.

  2. Select the plate in your product through which shapes are penetrating and click the Add button.

The Create A Slot dialog box appears. 

3. Select one or more shapes. The shape identity will appear in the dialog box.

To remove (deselect) a shape, select it in the list of Intersecting Objects and click the Remove button.
4. Click the Catalog Browser icon to open the catalog containing the available slot types.

In the Catalog Selection for Slot dialog box, navigate to the chapter and family that contains the appropriate slot type for the shape being used.

5. Use the Filter button to narrow your search. Use the wild card (*) symbol at the end of the keyword (e.g., slot*) to include all entries beginning with "slot".
6. Select the slot you need.

The slot will preview in the Catalog Selection for Slot dialog box. Zoom in to enlarge the image in the preview window and to visualize the surface and edge parameters for the slot.

If the parameters of the slot do not match those of the shape you will be advised of mismatched or undefined parameters. A slot is a feature that resides in a CATPart; therefore this condition must be corrected using Part Design.

7. Click OK in the Catalog Selectionfor Slot dialog box when you have selected the slot. This will return you to the Create a Slot dialog box. 
8. Click the Preview button to see the slot you created. 
9. In the Create a Slot dialog box, click the Parameters button. 

The Parameters dialog box opens. This displays the default clearance parameter for the slot you selected. The number of parameters will differ depending on the slot type. Change the parameter values as necessary, then click OK. This will return you to the Create a Slot dialog box.

10. Click OK in the Create a Slot dialog box. The slot is created.

    The Slot dialog box will open displaying the identities of the slot or slots created.

If you want to remove a slot, click the Remove button. To modify a slot, click the Modify button. This will return you to the Parameters dialog box. Edit the values as necessary and click OK .

11. Click OK in the Slot dialog box when done.

Removing and Modifying Slots

You can remove or modify slots you create on plates and shapes.

  • Right-click the plate or shape in the specification tree and select Modify / Delete Slot from the contextual menu.

The Slot dialog box appears listing all slots created on the selected plate or shape.

  • Click the Remove button to remove a slot
  • Click the Modify button to modify a slot, then edit values in the Parameters dialog box that opens.