Removing and Modifying Cutouts

This task shows you how to remove and modify cutouts via the Cutout dialog box. Cutouts are created in parts and are used for routing objects like pipes through the part.

Cutouts are part features and can also be deleted by activating the part and selecting Delete from the contextual menu.

1. In the specification tree, right click the plate, select PlateXXX in the drop down menu that shows, and then Modify/Delete Cutout.

The Cutout dialog box opens. Existing cutouts in your part are displayed in the box.

2. Select a cutout in the Cutout dialog box.

The Modify and Remove buttons become available.


Modifying a Cutout

  3. To modify a cutout, click the Modify button. The Modify A Cutout dialog box displays.

  4. Click in the field that you want to modify, in this case the Contour field.

The cutting mode cannot be changed but you can modify other attributes if they were defined when the cutout was created.

  5. Select the contour you want to use to replace the existing contour.

You can use an existing contour, or you can use the Sketcher to draw a new profile. If you are using the Sketcher, you can draw on top of our existing contour (as shown in the image below) or draw elsewhere in the part.

  6. Exit the Sketcher, and click OK in the Modify A Cutout and Cutout dialog boxes.

The cutout is modified.


Removing a Cutout

  3. To remove a cutout, click the Remove button, then OK to exit.

The selected cutout is deleted.