Compiling a Simulation into a Replay    

This procedure describes how to compile a process replay and how to replay the compiled simulation.

There are two commands that compile replays:

  • Compile Process Replay
  • Compile Resource Replay 

This procedure uses Compile Process Replay as an example for describing the basic functions of each.  The Compile Resource Replay  command replays simulation behaviors.  For a more complete discussion of the resource simulation, see About Resource Simulation.

A replay is a snapshot of the process at a particular time.  Any changes made to the process or resource behaviors after the replay has been compiled do not appear in that replay. The replay is played back at a same fixed rate regardless of the step size of the simulation.

Use the Compile_Replay.CATProcess file to follow the steps in this procedure.

Compiling a Simulation

  1. After you have run the simulation and verified that it is one you want to compile, click Compile Process Replay

    The Compile Simulation dialog box appears.
  2. Accept the default name or enter one of your own.

  3. (Optional) Select the Retain Initial State check box.

    For information on the ramifications of retaining or not retaining your initial state, see About Retain Initial State.
  4. (Optional) Modify the Capture Step Size.

    The larger the step size, the less precise the replay, but the more quickly the replay is compiled.
  5. Click OK.

    You can cancel the compilation at any time by clicking Cancel.
      If you attempt to compile a process that has only non-simulation activities, a message appears indicating that there are no simulation activities in the process.  The Replay command ends without allowing the user to create a replay because there is nothing to be replayed.
      The replay can be accessed by clicking Replay.

Replaying a Simulation

You can replay a simulation based on a compiled simulation, or you can replay a simulation directly from Process Simulation , using Instant Replay On/Off .
  1. Click Replay

    The Replay pop-up toolbar appears.
    The table below provides the meaning of each of the VCR-like buttons.

    Jump to start

    Play backwards

    Step backward  (by default, shows replay one frame at a time)


    Step forward (by default, shows replay one frame at a time)

    Play forward (shows replay as continuous motion)

    Jump to end

    Replay runs continuously (in a loop; that is, once the end of the replay is reached, the replay begins again from the beginning). This view mode is the default mode: click on this to see the Replay runs only once mode (described below). 

    Replay runs only once.  Click on this button to see the bounce mode (described below).

    Replay runs continuously (bouncing back and forth; that is, once the end of the replay is reached, the replay runs in reverse, then once the beginning is reached, it run again forwards).  Click on this to return to the default (Replay runs continuously -- in a loop) mode. 

    To move randomly through the frames of the replay, you can use the slider.

    To move to a specific frame, you can use the spinners to select the frame's number.

    Select Replay Options
  2. (Optional)  Click Select Replay Options on the Replay pop-up toolbar.

    The Replay Options dialog box appears and Select Replay Options turns orange (because it is a toggle on/off command).
    Replay Options dialog box when Replay is accessed independently Replay Options dialog box when Replay was accessed from within Process Simulation
  3. (Optional) From the Name list, select another replay (if available).

  4. (Optional) From the Speed list, select the factor by which to increase the speed.

    The Time box shows you how much of the simulation's run time has elapsed.  This is an estimated time.
      The user can filter out text messages and viewpoint changes, if any, using the Replay Options dialog box.

    If the simulation replay contains no text messages or viewpoint changes, these options are listed as N/A.

    If the replay contains one or more of the activities, selected Yes or No under the Enabled column to either show or not show the activities within the simulation.

  5. Use the VCR-like buttons in the Replay pop-up toolbar to see the replay.


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