Observing Other Process Views with a Simulation

This procedure describes how to view data in other formats (e.g., the Gantt chart) while viewing the simulation.
This procedure assumes that you have a process with activities loaded.
  1. Click Open Gantt Chart.

  2. From the menu, select Window > Tile Vertically.

  3. Select a process, click Process Simulation, then play the simulation. 

    As the simulation progresses, each activity in the simulation becomes highlighted in turn.  In addition, you can set an option to show a bar that moves along the timeline to show the current simulation time.  See Tools > Options > Digital Process for Manufacturing > Gantt Chart.
  4. Repeat this procedure, using Open PERT Chart in Step 1.

    The currently simulated activities are highlighted as the simulation progresses.
  5. To end the simulation:

    • Press the X (close) button in the upper right hand corner of the Process Simulation pop-up toolbar OR
    • Click Process Simulation (the command changes from orange to its original colors).