Frequently Asked Questions: PowerCopies   

This section gives you information about questions you may have when working with PowerCopies.

Using PowerCopies


How can I know when a PowerCopy component is deleted?

PowerCopies keep only a link to their components, thus there is no way to be informed when one of these components is deleted. The lists of the powercopies inputs and available parameters are just computed again when the components are modified (even when they are deleted).

Can I insert non consecutive elements into a PowerCopy?

No. The components of a Power Copy must be consecutive elements if they are located in an ordered set like an Ordered Geometrical Set. It is recommended to create the components of a template (PowerCopy or User Feature) in the same set and to select this set as the only component of the template.

What does "consecutive" mean?   

when working with templates, the components making up these template must be consecutive which means that they must be located one after the other and under the same father feature.

In the graphic opposite, Line.1 and Point.1 are consecutive.
But Sketch.1 and Point.1 are not consecutive whereas OGS.2 and Point.1 are.