Installing Multiple PPR Servers

Multiple PPR servers may be set up (with each server on a different machine) and connected to the same IPD database. This can be useful when many users are connected to a database:

To run multiple PPR servers, follow the steps outlined below. 


Install a PPR server on a given machine. This will be the master server.


On a another machine, install another full PPR Server (and Oracle Client for PPR Server, if needed). This will be a slave server.


On the slave machine, open the Registry Editor (Start>Run>regedit) and navigate to the following key in the registry:


Each of the following values will be set to "server":

  • LockMng 
  • RightsAdm
  • UpdateMng
  • UpdateMng\Cascaded

Change each of the above values to the name or IP address of the master server machine. 

If other clients access this slave server, the DCOM configuration for DPE IPDServer is also required.


It is recommended to modify the behavior of the "Shutdown PPR Server" icon so that only the "IPDserver.exe" process is killed.