About the Equivalent Dimensions Interface  

The Equivalent Dimensions Interface

You can create an Equivalence Dimensions feature. This feature can be accessed by clicking the Equivalent Dimensions icon () in the Knowledge toolbar. It is the equivalent of a formula applied to Length and Angle parameters. It is designed to enable you to apply the same value to selected parameters. It can be used with the following parameters:

Note that this new command cannot be used in association with parameters valuated by a formula.

To create this feature:

A new scrolling list enables you to select the type of the Equivalent Dimensions Feature: Length or Angle if no parameter is already selected in the specifications tree.

Note that this field is grayed out if a parameter is already selected.


  • Note that only the parameters having the same type as the one selected in the Type: scrolling list display in the Parameters column. (The Length parameters are selected in the opposite picture.)
  • Note that the Apply Filter Name function enables you to perform a search on a given string. The result of your search is displayed in the Parameters list. Note that if you select a 3D feature in the document, only the parameters of this feature will display in the Parameters list.
  • Click OK when done. The EquivalentDimensions feature is displayed below the Relations node as well as the value assigned to the selected parameters.

The Equivalent Dimensions feature can be edited by double-clicking it in the specification tree so that you can:

Note that:

The Equivalent Dimensions Contextual Menu

 You can access the Equivalent Dimensions contextual menu by right-clicking the equivalent dimensions feature in the specification tree.

The Definition... command enables you to access the Equivalent Dimensions Edition window.
The Deactivate... command enables you to deactivate the equivalent dimensions feature. In this case an icon indicates that the feature is disabled. To enable it, right-click it and select Activate....
The Hide command enables you to hide the equivalent dimensions feature. In this case, it will not display in the specification tree.
The Reorder... command enables you to reorder the equivalent dimensions features (if you have created more than one of these features.)