Using the Equivalent Dimensions Feature    

This scenario explains how to use the Equivalent Dimensions Feature. The scenario described below is divided into the following steps:
  • you apply constraints to an existing sketch.
  • you use the Equivalent Dimensions feature to create a list of Length type parameters that will have the same value.
For more information about the Equivalent Dimensions feature, see Getting Familiar with the Equivalent Dimensions Interface.
  1. Open the KwrEquivalentDimensions.CATPart.

  1. In the specification tree, expand the PartBody node and double-click Sketch.1 to access the sketcher.

  2. Double-click the Constraint icon () to constraint some lines of the sketch (see graphic below).

  1. In the Knowledge toolbar, click the Equivalent Dimensions icon (). The Equivalent Dimensions Edition window is displayed.

  2. Click Edit List.... In the opening window, use the arrow key to select the following parameters and click OK when done.

    • Length.34
    • Length.36
    • Length.37
  3. In the Equivalent Dimensions Edition window, set the value to 150mm and click OK.

  4. Exit the Sketcher. The sketch is modified accordingly and the EquivalentDimensions.1 feature is displayed below the Relations node.

  1. Double-click Value=150mm twice in the specification tree. The Edit Parameter window is displayed.

  2. Enter 140mm and click OK.