About the Knowledgeware Index

Some Knowledgeware functionalities need to access types, functions, main behaviors and sub-processes. Until V5R16, when working with functionalities based on functions belonging to other workbenches, a warning message would display asking you if you wanted to load all libraries, which impacted performance (see picture below.)

A default index file containing libraries is available in the runtime view. When a relation based on a function is run, the function is searched for in the index and is loaded. This index can also contain items you created like:

To generate the index, the tool reads the CATGScript files located in the KnowledgeTypesCustom directory and CATfct files located in the <CATGraphicPath> directory. If you want to make created types, functions, main behaviors or sub-processes persistent, you must re-generate this index. To get an example, see Generating the Knowledgeware Index.