Importing the Swept Volume into the Process

This procedure describes how the user has the capability to bring the Swept Volume created into the Process.
  1. Select File > New and the New dialog box appears. Select Product, and OK.


  2. After the selection in the New dialog box, the software changes to the Human Builder workbench. In the Menu bar, select the Insert > Existing Component...


  3. Select the Product Name in the PPR tree (in this example, Product2).

  4. The File Selection dialog box appears. Select all three files, or one you have created, and Open.


  5. The Swept Volume appears in the 3D geometry window.

  6. You could Right-click on the Product2, and change the name to Swept Volume if required in the properties dialog box.


  7. Save this file as Swept Volume where required, and return to the Human Task Simulation workbench (close the existing window).


  8. Insert this file into the existing CATProcess document using the Insert > Insert Resource.


  9. For the ease of viewing change the Swept Volume transparency. Right-click on the Swept Volume in the PPR tree, and select Properties.


  10. The Properties dialog box appears, and select the Graphic tab.  In the transparency area, select and move the bar to the desired Transparency.  Select Apply, and OK.


  11. The Swept Volume.