Using the Generate Video Command

This procedure describes how to use the Generate Video command.
A simulation has been created and can be seen in the specification tree.


Open the Simulation_complete.CATProduct file in the samples directory.

  1. Select the Generate Video from the Manikin Simulation toolbar. The Player toolbar appears.

    The Player is used to check the consistency of the simulation (speed, etc.) before generating the video.

  2. From the specification tree, select the simulation that you would like to play.  The controls in the Player become active and the Video Generation dialog box appears.


  3. Select to change or view the video compression parameters.


  4. Select the to choose a name and location in which to save the video file.

  5. In the Player, select Parameters to access the Player Parameters dialog box. Accept the defaults or change as desired.

  6. In the Video Generation dialog box, OK to create and save the video.