Using the Shuttle Command

This procedure describes how to create, move, and reset a shuttle.
A shuttle is a set of products defined explicitly by selecting products individually. Shuttles are persistent and can be stored in your document. Shuttles are identified by name in the specification tree and by a symbol in the geometry area.

When a manikin is selected be a shuttle or a component of a shuttle, the whole manikin is selected. Individual segments may not be selected.

Create a shuttle

  1. From the Samples directory, open the Shuttle_sample.CATProduct file.


  2. Select the Shuttle in the Manikin Simulation toolbar and then (while holding down the Shift key) select the Pipe and the Manikin in the specification tree.
    While holding down the Shift key, select the Pipe and the Manikin in the specification tree and then select the Shuttle icon in the Manikin Simulation toolbar.

  3. At this time, the following items appear:

    • Preview window (the shuttle symbol corresponds to the to-be-created shuttle axis)

    • Manipulation toolbar

    • Edit Shuttle dialog box

    In this dialog box, you can specify a maximum rotation angle around the absolute axis for the shuttle. This is very useful in avoiding liquids from spilling out from specific assemblies such as a gas tank. The shuttle motion is defined and validated with respect to the angle value defined.


  4. In the dialog box, check the Angle option (optional). The Angle and Vector fields are no longer grayed-out and you may enter the desired values.

  5. Enter a name for your shuttle (optional).

  6. OK to finish creating the shuttle.

  7. The shuttle, consisting of the pipe and the manikin, is identified in the specification tree and in the geometry area.


Move the shuttle

  1. Double-click Shuttle.1 in the specification tree.

    The Edit Shuttle dialog box,  the Preview window and the Manipulation toolbar appear.
    Note that, by default, the graphic manipulator is attached to the shuttle and that the Attach icon in the Manipulation toolbar is activated.

  2. The 3D compass snaps to the shuttle axis.

  3. The Move shuttle option is activated by default which means that both the shuttle axis and the geometry move together.

  4. Use the 3D compass to move the shuttle to the desired location.

Reset the shuttle

Select the Reset in the Manipulation toolbar. The shuttle will move back to its original position.