Reporting Capabilities - Vision Analysis

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The purpose of this functionality is to produce comprehensive report files from the user specifications. This will gather the results of the various analyses found in the Human workbenches including an analysis of the manikins vision.

For the manikin's vision analysis, launch the Inserts a new report You will be prompted to select the manikin the new object will belong to.  Once the manikin is selected, the Report Definition panel appears:


  1. Change the format to html, select the File... , and change the Files of type. To save where required, change the path accordingly.


  2. Select the Vision Analysis in the Available list.  Use the arrow over icon to place this into the Selected window, and OK

  3. To view what the manikin is seeing, select the Open vision window to open the vision window.


  4. Select the Updates all constraints and manikin representations   in the Human Builder workbench. This will send the results of the activated Vision Analysis into its respective log file.

  5. Use the explorer to open the file.

  6. A sample html log file of vision analysis will look like this:


  7. In the case of the Vision, a bitmap (bmp) is also produced, saved separately on a file (for reuse) and inserted within the html report.

  8. A sample text log file of Vision Analysis will look like this:

  9. After each selection of the IK Update  (and eventually at specific moment of the simulation), the value of the line of sight length (.txt and .html format) and the bitmap of the vision window (.html format) will be exported in a file that has been specified by the user.