Tolerancing and Annotations Properties

This reference describes the Tolerancing & Annotations properties concerning:
  • Annotation Set.
  This page deals with the properties concerning:



Set Name

  Displays the name of the annotation set.
  Not editable. To rename the annotation set, select the Feature Properties tab.


  Displays the standard of the annotation set.
  Not editable.


  Displays the number of annotations contained in the annotation set.
  Not editable.

Specifications Detail

  Displays and quantifies the annotations types and sub-types.
Types Sub-Types
Datum Simple Datum
Datum System
Datum Target
Datum Reference Frame
Form Straightness
Axis Straightness
Profile of any line
Profile of any surface
Pattern location
Size Linear Size
Angular Size
Chamfer Dimension
Basic dimension
Second Linear Size
Position Orientation and Runout Parallelism
Profile of any line with Datum Reference Frame
Profile of any surface with Datum Reference Frame
Total runout
Circular runout
Non Semantic Text
Flag Note
Note Object Attribute
Geometrical Tolerance
Datum Target
  Not editable.

Views default ratio


Annotation Set views ratio

  Defines the view ratio which will be applied to all the annotations contained in new annotation view of the annotation set.
This ratio corresponds to a same scale factor applied to all texts, symbols and graphic representations contained in annotations regardless of their own properties. The reverse of this ratio is applied when generating the related 2D drafting view
  • For an offset or aligned section view:
    • This property is not applicable but still applicable to its annotation view components.
    • When generating 2D drafting view, the reverse ratio of the first annotation view is applied to all the views of the offset or aligned section view.
  • This property does not change the view ratio of existing annotation views of the annotation set, to change an existing annotation views ratio see View Properties.
  By default, 1:1.