Creating Standard or Construction Elements

This task shows how to create standard elements or construction elements. Note that creating standard or construction elements is based upon the same methodology.
If standard elements represent the most commonly created elements, on some occasions, you will have to create geometry just to facilitate your design. Indeed, construction elements aim at helping you in sketching the required profile.


  1. Click Standard/Construction from the Sketch tools toolbar so that the elements you are now going to create be either standard or construction element.

In this task, you will transform the newly created elements into construction elements.
As construction elements are not taken into account when creating features, note that they do not appear outside the Sketcher.


Here is an example of the use of both types of elements.
The hexagon was sketched using three construction circles:

This type of sketch is interesting in that it simplifies the creation and the ways in which it is constrained. Setting a radius constraint on the second circle is enough to constrain the whole hexagon. Just imagine what you would have to do to constrain hexagons sketched with no construction circles!

Standard or Construction Points

Points are represented either by crosses or just by points, depending on the chosen creation mode.

  • In standard mode, which is the default mode, points created on a line, for instance, are represented by crosses. The points and the line are visible outside the Sketcher workbench.
  • Points generated by Break operations are created in construction mode, even if Standard/Construction is set to Standard.