Updating One Constraint Only 

When you need to update your constraints, either you update all the constraints of the active component or update one or more constraints of the active component.

By default, constraints needing an update are displayed in black. To redefine the colors of the constraints, please refer to Customizing Constraint Appearance. This task consists of updating the constraints you explicitly specify.

1.  Right-click the constraint to be updated.

Constraints needing an update are displayed with specific graphic properties. The Properties dialog box indicates too if constraints need updates or not. For more information, please refer to Modifying the Properties of a Constraint.

You can select the constraint in the specification tree or in the geometry.
2.  Select Update from the contextual menu.

The selected constraint is updated.

3.  Click the second constraint to be updated.
4.  Control-right-click the third constraint to be updated.
5.  Select the Update contextual command.
The two selected constraints are updated too. Remember, valid constraints are green by default.