Searching and Sharing Changes

Note that this topic only applies if you work in a Client/Server configuration.

The Collaborative Design application software can help you keeping track of changes you made to the features that have been shared among the members of the Workspace. You can use the Share Recent Changes and the Quick Share commands to find relevant changes and build a briefcase for the purpose of sharing them.

Share Recent Changes

Searching for changes

The Share Recent Changes command () provides a menu of predefined and useful searches.

  1. To access the menu click the Share Recent command () in the Instant Collaboration toolbar.

  2. Once you click OK the selection, a briefcase is built and shown to you.

  3. You can inspect its content, and add or remove items.

  4. Finally, specify the intended recipients and post the briefcase to the workspace.

The available searches are described in detail below.

  • Features Modified since their last share: This search is useful if you previously shared some features for other people to use and now you want to make sure to post the latest version you have in your part, so that the recipients can catch up with your changes. The search will return a list of objects modified or deleted after you inserted them in a briefcase.

  • Features Modified since their last merge: This search is useful when you want to check if you modified any of the features you have received by other users of the workspace. Once you find out the changes, you can decide whether to send back your modification to the person that gave you the original, or you may want to revert your changes by "merging again" the briefcase that contained the original feature. The search will return a list of objects modified or deleted after you merged them from the briefcase.

  • Features Modified after this date: In this cases you enter a date and time and want to know all the changes that happened after that point in time. The timestamp can be implicitly defined or explicitly assigned. More precisely, you can enter:

    • Today - all changes since midnight

    • This week - all changes since  midnight on Sunday

    • My last Share - the time of the last briefcase I created

    • My last Merge - the time of my last merge operation

    • A timestamp - an explicit date and time in the format of yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

    The search will return a list of object modified or inserted as new or deleted after the given time.

  • Features Never Shared: This search helps you to find features in your part that you have not yet shared.

  • Restrict to specified body/set: You can add a restriction to the body/set. See Restricting Searches for detail.

Combining Searches

You can combine several searches. The resulting briefcase will contain all the features that satisfy at least one of the search criteria.  For instance, if you check both "Featured modified after their last share" and "Features never shared", the application will give you a combined list of objects modified after sharing them and of objects that you did not share yet.

Restricting Searches

Normally the searches are applied to the entire part. However you can restrict to one or more bodies and geometrical sets. To do so, check the option Restrict to specified body/set and then pick from the specification tree the aggregators of interest to you.

Quick Share

The Quick Share command () helps simplify the process of creating a briefcase to share to the workspace. Quick Share is for users that just want to share all new and modified features.  When a user activates the Quick Share command, a new briefcase containing all new and modified features is automatically posted to the workspace. No dialogs is presented to the user.

This command is useful in simple collaborative design scenarios where all members of the  workspace want to work on a copy of the entire document and the flows of modification are intrinsically mono-directional.


  1. To access the command click the Quick Share button () in the Instant Collaboration toolbar.

  2. Once you click OK the selection, a briefcase is built and posted to the workspace. No dialog interaction is necessary.

  3. The other members of the workspace will see one or more briefcases named "Quick Share".

  4. Recipients will be able to inspect and merge the briefcases generated by Quick Share the same way as any other briefcase.

See also Working with Collaborative Briefcases and Automating Share and Merge.