When shall I choose a peer-to-peer configuration rather than a Client/Server one?

You may choose to work in peer-to-peer mode when working on the same network (LAN), in the same company. The Client/Server mode is recommended when you want to share design with people that are not on the same LAN, that is to say that are located in different areas.


When I select another configuration, the change is not taken into account. Why?

For the new configuration to be taken into account, close the current session and open a new one.


From which workbench can I access CATIA Instant Collaborative Design?

The CATIA Instant Collaborative Design application is currently available from the following workbenches:


Mechanical Design Shape
  • Part Design
  • FreeStyle
  • Sketcher
  • Imagineering
  • Functional Molded Part
  • Digitized Shape Editor
  • Functional Tolerancing & Annotation
  • Generative Shape Design
  • Generative Sheet Metal Design
  • Quick Surface Reconstruction
  • Wireframe and Surface Design
  • Automative Class A
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Shape Sculptor
  • Composites Design
  • Sheet Metal Production
  • Core & Cavity Design