Welcome to the Core and Cavity Design User's Guide!
This guide is intended for users who need to become quickly familiar with the product.

This overview provides the following information:

Core and Cavity Design in a Nutshell

Core and Cavity Design is intended for:

  • a quick analysis of a molded part (cost feasibility),

  • the preparation of the molded part for mold design and mold manufacturing.

Core and Cavity Design defines the core and cavity sides of a part, including any sliders or lifters that may be required, so as to produce a MoldedPart ready to be used with Mold Tooling Design. It includes functions that define:

  • The pulling directions,

  • the parting line

  • the parting surface,

  • the splitting surface,

along with analysis and fine tuning capacities.

Before Reading this Guide

Prior to reading the Core and Design User's Guide, you are recommended to have a look at the Infrastructure User's Guide for  information on the generic capabilities common to all products.



Getting the Most Out of this Guide

To make the most out of this book, we suggest that a beginning user reads the Getting Started chapter first of all and the Workbench Description to find his way around the Core and Cavity Design workbench. The User Tasks section gives a quick description of the operating mode of the various actions, whereas the Reference Information section lists the parameters used in those actions.


Accessing Sample Documents

To perform the scenarios, sample documents are provided all along this documentation. For more information about this, refer to Accessing Sample Documents in the Infrastructure User's Guide.