V5 Interactive Drafting to CADAM Drafting -- Element Mapping

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This section describes how CATIA Drafting elements are interpreted in CADAM.
The CATIA-CADAM Interface product provides the capability of saving a V5 Drafting document directly as a CADAM drafting document. Specifically, the user can use the File-SaveAs menu to specify that the drafting document should be saved in the CADAM format.  As the document is saved, the elements in the document are converted from V5 Drafting format to CADAM format.

The primary purpose for the V5 Interactive Drafting to CADAM Drafting transfer is to support a methodlogy that allows existing CADAM customers to transition to use the 3D design capabilities of the V5 product line.  Specifically, the customer can create their designs using the 3D design capabilities of V5, generate a drafting document, save it as a CADAM drafting document, and then annotate it using the CADAM Drafing product.  Using this methodology, the user can take advantage of the power of the V5 3D design capabilities and continue to use the CADAM Drafting capabilities they are familiar with. 

In conjunction with this methodology, only geometry and basic annotation are supported in the transfer.  All other elements are ignored during the transfer.  The following tables provide detailed information for the specific mapping between V5 Interactive Drafting and CADAM Drafting. The tables are organized by element type:


Structural Elements
Geometric Elements
Non-Text Elements
Text-Based Elements
Dimensions and Dimension Properties