Dimensions and Dimension Properties

V5 to CCD dimension translation is only supported in the Windows and AIX products. V5 to CCD dimension translation is not supported in HPUX, Solaris or IRIX.

Some dimensions defined with the CATIA V5 Interactive Drafting product do not have logical mapping to a supported dimension in the CADAM Drafting product. The specific cases are listed in the mapping table below.

The following table outlines the specific mappings for dimensions and dimension properties:

Interactive Drafting Element/Property

CADAM Drafting Element/Property


Dimension standards:



ANSI dimensions

ANSI dimensions


ISO Dimensions

ISO Dimensions


JIS dimensions

JIS dimensions


Dimension properties:



Dimension association to geometric element

Not supported.


Dimension line end conditions

Closest possible end condition

The current version of the Interactive Drafting product does not support all end conditions supported by CADAM Drafting. Therefore, end conditions will be mapped to the closest possible supported end condition.

Dimension text

Dimension value text, before, after, upper, lower text

The CADAM Drafting product treats the entire dimension text as one text string. The Interactive Drafting product divides this into the dimension value text, before, after, upper, and lower text. Therefore, CADAM Drafting dimension text will be mapping to the appropriate dimension subtext. As stated above in the special case section, the dimension text elements in Interactive Drafting do not support all of the text properties or capabilities of CADAM Drafting. If CADAM Drafting dimension text that contains properties that are not supported is encountered, the dimension is exploded to geometry and standard text.