catalog A catalog is a way of storing and classifying objects, each with its own specific characteristics (such as shape, color, size, diameter, length, standard, etc.) so that they can be retrieved fast and easily.
chapter A chapter references other chapters or families. It is a way of classifying the elements it refers to
component A reference to an external document or an entity such as a feature (e.g. PowerCopy), V4 documents (e.g. models) or V5 documents (e.g. CATPart, CATProduct, etc.) described with keyword values



design table A feature created in Version 5 either from the current parameter values of your document or from external data. This feature facilitates the definition and management of mechanical parts by enabling you to regroup in the form of a table, in a .xls or .txt file, the various sets of parameter values that can be assigned to a part. Each set of parameter values is called a configuration.
document A common unit of data (typically a file) used in user tasks and exchanged between users. When saved on disk, a document is given a unique filename by which it can be retrieved.



family A set of components.



geometry area Area of a document window in which application data are displayed and edited.



icon A pictorial representation of an object.
  • Ability to exchange data between CATIA Version 4 and Version 5
  • Ability to exchange Version 5 data between Version 5 workshops
  • Ability to exchange data between Version 5 and OLE-compliant applications
  • Ability to exchange data between Version 5 and ENOVIA LCA.



keyword An attribute describing the chapter and family content. Each component may be assigned its own attribute value. You can associate keywords to chapters and families and thus, perform searches by attribute value to filter their content.



model CATIA Version 4 model.



object An entity or component identifiable by a user that can be distinguished by its properties, operations, and relationships.



part A 3D entity obtained by combining different features.
part family A set of components referring to a .CATPart document. This part is unique but has been assigned different sets of parameter values, each of them being managed by a design table..
product  A 3D entity containing several components.



resolve To generate the .CATPart documents referred to by a part family or a part family component.



specification tree Area of the document window reserved for viewing the design specifications of a part, presented in the form of a tree structure.



workbench Set of tools for completing specific tasks. Each type of document can be edited with a document-specific set of tools.