Constraint Area Properties

This task shows you how to add or modify the constraint area properties.
The document is still open from the previous task.

The place keep-out area (Pad.2) is displayed in transparency.

  1. Right-click the Pad.2 in the specification tree to display the contextual menu.

  2. Select Properties.
    The Properties dialog box opens.

  3. Click More... .

    The Circuit Board Design tab appears.
  4. Select Circuit Board Design.

    The constraint area properties dialog box is displayed:
    Note that some of the attributes are displayed but cannot be modified:
    • the constraint area subtype
    • the constraint area position: TOP or BOTTOM
  5. Enter 6mm in the Maximal height field and 2mm in the Minimal height field.

  6. Then click OK.
    The pad is updated: the maximal and minimal heights are linked to the pad limits.
    It represents the overall dimensions of the constraint area.

A constraint area may have a representation on both faces of the board.
This attribute is recognized and displayed in the Circuit Board Design tab.
This attribute is managed only on the idf file import.
In the specification tree, such a constraint area (BOTH) is represented by two pads in the same body.
They share the same properties: modifying the properties on one pad will modify them on the other pad.