Knowledge Relations Behavior: Data Sheet    

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Knowledge Relations Behavior icon ().
Describing this behavior This behavior is designed to enable you to specify Knowledge Advisor relations (Formula, Rule, or Check). 
Using this Behavior Interface


Name Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment Comment attributed to the behavior.
Immediate update of the relations:  This check box is available only if the Automatic update mode is selected in the Properties tab. If checked the Knowledgeware relations will be permanently active. If not, the behavior will be re-executed only when its input are modified.

The Content tab enables you to access the Knowledgeware functions. you can create:

  • Formulas. To create formulas:
  1. Create attributes in the Attributes tab (select Output in the Quality field). The created attributes are displayed in the Content tab.

  2. Right-click one of the output attributes in the Content tab and select Edit Formula....

  3. Enter the formula and click OK. The formula displays under the Relations node in the Content tab (see example below).

  • Rules by clicking the icon. Note that if you want to enter the following string "\ \ " in a variable, you will have to enter: "\ \ \ \ ". (Ex: MyVariable="\ \ \ \ ").
  • Checks by clicking the icon.
  • Sets of equations by clicking the icon.


For more information about the Knowledgeware capabilities, see Knowledge Advisor User's Guide.
Using this behavior See Knowledge Relations: Using the if...else syntax.

Note that the Knowledge Relations behavior requires the Knowledge Advisor license.