Using the User Workbench

This scenario enables the end-user to instantiate a manikin into a product using the workbench generated by the expert user.
  • We assume that the end user is provided with the P2 license and not the P3 one.
  • If the T1 workbench is not available in the Start menu, contact your expert user for him to copy the files that he generated in the Generating the User Workbench topic into the appropriate directories and to generate the workbench to enable you to replay this scenario.

Start the T1 Workbench

  1. Open CATIA and close the default empty product.

  1. From the Start menu, select T1.

You are now in the user workbench. The items defined in the *.CATfct file display in the toolbar located in the right part of the screen. Note that the icons can be replaced with empty check boxes if no icons were associated with the created types when the expert user-defined the *.CATfct file.

  1. Click the root product in the specification tree and click the icon to activate your workbench (if need be).

Define the Type

  1. Click the product and click the Interior icon. The Interior type is assigned to the root product.

  1. Right-click the Interior (Product1) object in the tree and select Interior (Product1) object>Define Passengers. The Catalog Browser opens.

Note that the catalog is filtered according to the Interior's variables (attributes):

  • Legislation: EEC

  • Standard: SAE 

  1. In the Catalog, double-click the BKTPassenger-2D-5-Female manikin. The manikins are inserted. (Use the compass if the manikins overlap.)

  1. Expand the Interior (Product2) variables node.

  2. Double-click the NumberOfPassengers variable (attribute), set it to 1, and click OK to validate. One manikin is removed.

  1. Double-click the Legislation variable (attribute) and set it to US. Click OK to validate.

  2. Right-click the Interior (Product1) object in the specification tree and select Interior (Product1) object>Control_Define Passengers

  1. Click Yes in the dialog box when prompted to withdraw Define Passengers.

  2. Right-click the Interior (Product1) object in the tree and select Interior (Product1) object>Define Passengers

  3. Select the BktPassenger-2D-95-Male manikin and click OK. The manikin is inserted.