Using the Insert Components Behavior: Auto Update Mode  

This scenario aims at providing the expert user with a use example of the Insert Components behavior in automatic update mode. The expert user wants to insert 2 manikins in a product, then he changes the instances number to 1 using the Insert Components interface to display only one manikin. 
To perform this scenario, set the BKT_INSERT_COMP_CONTROL variable to 1.
Remember to save the .CATfct, the BktDriver-2D-SAE.CATPart and BktDriver-2D-EEC.CATPart files in the directory corresponding to the CATGraphicPath environment variable.
  1. Open the BktInsertComponents.CATfct file.

  2. In the Behaviors tab, expand the Insert_US combination node and double-click the InsertComponents node. The Insert Components editor is displayed.

  3. In the Instantiation context field, set the number of instances to 2 and check that the update mode is set to Auto in the Properties tab. Click OK to validate.

  4. Double-click the LoadDocument behavior and click the button to set the path. Repeat the same step with the LoadDocument behavior located below the Insert_EEC combination node. 

  5. Save your file in the Graphics directory. Click here to open the created .CATfct.

  6. Click the Generate Applicative Workbench icon () to generate a user workbench. Enter the name of the workbench in the Workbench name field, Insert Manikins in this example, and select the the workbench type, Product in this scenario.

  7. From the Tools>Options>Knowledgeware>Business Knowledge Template menu, select All Users from the Access Rights scrolling list and click OK to work in a User environment.

  1. Click Product1 in the specification tree and select the driver check box to type the root product. Its name is now driver:Product1.

  2. Right-click driver (product1) and select driver (Product1) object>SequentialCombination: 2 manikins matching the US standard are inserted (use the compass to move the manikins that overlap). 

  1. Expand the driver node, then the SequentialCombination node, then the Insert_US.1 node and double-click the InsertComponents.1 behavior and change the number of instances to 1. 

    • Click the Attributes tab and double-click the 2nd line (Number) in the List of Attributes. 

    • Set the value to 1 in the Value field of the Attribute dialog box.
    • Click OK twice to validate.

The behavior is automatically updated and only one manikin is displayed.