Displaying Document Links

This task shows you how to display document links.
Only direct links i.e. external documents directly pointed to by the active document can be displayed using Edit > Links. Thus, inactive documents must be activated before displaying their links.

Note that you can also select an element from the graph to display its links.

Open the document Links.CATProduct.


  1. Select Edit > Links.

    The Links dialog box appears:
    The file-related information in the bottom left-hand corner of the Links dialog box displays the path and name of the document pointed to in the session.
    Under the Links tab, several columns are displayed to provide link-related information (note that the picture below does not display all the columns available):
    • From element: the pointing element
    • To element: the pointed element
    • In Instance: the product instance in which the pointed element has been selected (this column is displayed for products only)
    • Pointed document: the document containing the pointed element
    • Publication: the publication status (i.e. if the element has been published or not). To change the publication, use the Change Publication button in the Pointed documents tab
    • Link type: the type of the link, e.g. Instance, ViewLink, Import, CCP and so on
    • Owner: the element to which the link belongs to
    • Status: the status of the link. A link may be assigned the following statuses:
      • OK
      • Not synchronized
      • Reference not found
      • Document not found
      • Document not loaded
      • Isolated
    • Last synchronized: indicates when the last synchronization (using the Synchronize button) was performed
    • Activate status: indicates whether the link to a pointed element is activated or deactivated.
    When working with a disconnected network, any linked document loaded in your current Version 5 session before disconnection is still found and thus, has the status "OK".
    However, an error message is displayed when trying to load the document.
    If the linked document has not been loaded before disconnection, the status is "Document not loaded" and an error message is also displayed when trying to load or save the document.
  2. Use the Link type filter and the Owner Filter lists to filter the information to be displayed respectively in the Link type and Owner columns.

    By default, these lists contain the value "All" which means that no filter is applied and thus, all links are displayed regardless of their type and owner.
  3. Click the Pointed documents tab to display only the documents pointed to by the current object. By default, the document selected in the Links tab is also selected when accessing Pointed documents.

    As soon as one of the displayed lines is selected, the Open button is activated:

    For detailed information about managing document links using this tab, refer to Editing Document Links.

  4. Click Open

    The Links dialog box disappears and the file CHC.CATPart, i.e. the file pointing to Links.CATProduct, is displayed.
    You can also open a pointed document using xxx object > Open the Pointed Document.
    For detailed information on this command, refer to Opening Existing Documents.

To display the links of a specific element (without displaying those of the current document viewed as a whole), select the desired item in the geometry before running Edit > Links.