Shading with Edges

This tasks explains how to display objects in shading mode with all edges, whatever their type (smooth or hidden).
  • Select View > Render Style > Shading with Edges or click Shading with Edges in the View toolbar.

Setting a model from Shading to Shading with Edges has the following effect:



Shading with Edges


More about the Shading with Edges style

If you modify the element color, bear in mind that in Shading mode, lineic elements (such as edges or sketches) do not inherit the new color and turn black as shown in the example below:


Shading with Edges:
"red" color is not applied to lineic elements

Edges and Points:
"red" color is applied to lineic elements

  For detailed information on color inheritance for Assembly objects, refer to Displaying and Editing Graphic Properties.