Editing the View Angle 

This task explains edit interactively the view angle. The view angle sets the angle of the pyramid-like shape with which you look at the geometry (available in perspective views only):


  1. Select View > Commands List then choose View Angle from the list or enter directly c:view angle in the power input box.

    The View Render Style dialog box prompts you to choose the desired view mode: either Perspective or Parallel.
  2. In our example, we select Perspective.

    A green circle appears with an arrow indicating the current view angle as shown below:

    Note that the current view angle is identical to the view angle you define in the Camera properties when working with user-defined views.
  3. Drag the green arrow (which turns red) to change the view angle. Bear in mind that the angle cannot exceed 90°.

    At this step, you can click Cancel to close the View Render Style dialog box and go back to the current view angle.
  4. Change the view angle as needed then, when you are happy with the result, click OK to apply the new view angle and close the View Render Style dialog box.