Printing the Specification Tree

This task explains how to obtain a paper version of the specification tree (also called "graph").
Note that the tree structure is printed as displayed on screen. To print the complete structure, for instance, you need to expand all the levels of the tree.
Open the document Print.CATProduct.
  1. Expand the specification tree to display the following structure:

  2. Click the axis system displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen to swap the focus from the geometry to the tree (you can also select View > Commands List > Swap view/tree or enter c:swap view/tree in the power input box).

  3. Right-click anywhere in the geometry area (do not position your mouse over the tree) then select Print whole:

    This opens the Print dialog box which lets you define the print parameters to be applied:
  4. Once your parameters are defined, click OK to print the document and close the dialog box.


For detailed information on how to use the Print dialog box, refer to Customizing Print Settings Before Printing Documents.