Optimal CATIA PLM Usability

When working with ENOVIA V5, the safe save mode ensures that you only create data in CATIA that can be correctly saved in ENOVIA.

ENOVIA V5 offers two different storage modes: Work package (Document kept - Publications Exposed) and Explode (Document not kept).

Please find below the list of the Knowledgeware commands along with their accessibility status in Enovia V5.

Note that the restrictions listed below apply only when working at the Product level. They do not apply when working in a Part context.

Commands Accessibility in Enovia V5 (Explode Mode) Comments
Formula Editor Available in limited mode The user can only edit existing formulas and parameters. He cannot create new ones.
Equivalent Dimensions Not available None
Design Table Available. See Working with Design Tables in ENOVIA LCA. None
Law Not available None
Knowledge Inspector Available None
Check analysis toolbox Available None
Lock/Unlock Available None
Comment & URLs... Available None