Settings Locked by One Administrator Level

This task shows how the Reset... button works with settings locked by one administration level.
1. Start a session in administrator mode as explained in Locking Settings.
  2. Select the Tools->Options... command.
  3. Select the Display category, then the Visualization tab.

At the start, settings A, B, C and D (identified on the screen shots):

  • are not locked
  • and are set to the default values.
  4. Reset and lock the settings as follows:
  • A: no lock - keep the default value
  • B: no lock - choose another color
  • C: lock the setting - keep the default value
  • D: lock the setting - choose another color.
  5. Click the Cancel button.

The Cancel button is a handy tool for undoing your changes. Access the Visualization tab again to confirm that your changes have been cancelled:

  6. Still in the Visualization tab, reset A, B, C and D again as explained above:
  7. This time, click OK.

The new settings are applied.

  8. Access the Visualization tab again, click the Reset... button, then the Yes button:
  The locks on C and D are kept, but all the initial setting values for A, B C and D are restored.