Teach Dialog Settings

This page deals with the Teach Dialog Settings options for Resource Detailing robotics products.

Teach table

This setting controls which fields appear in the table when you select the table option in the Teach dialog box. You can make the following changes:
  • You can select fields from the Data included in the table box and move them to the Available data area using the right and left arrows.
  • The up and down arrows alter the order of the data fields.   The order in the options list determines the order in which the data fields appear in the teach table.

User Profiles appear in the Available data field if user profiles have been defined for robots.

The initial setting is for all the available data except User Profiles to be included in the table.  The initial order is as it appears listed in the image above.

Display task visualization while teaching

Selecting the ShowTaskVisu option results in the task visualization displaying automatically while you teach a task.

If a movement from anywhere to any operation is needed, and yet the user needs the robot to stay where the robot is when the Teach dialog opens, then the user must decide whether to restore the initial state. Generally, selecting Restore Initial State is not recommended to solve this problem unless there is a Pick Tool or Drop Tool action in the task.  In that case, not to restore the initial position may cause an unwanted position of the tool.

The default is that neither option is enabled.

Open Teach Dialog Mode

Use the option to select the mode in which you generally prefer to work with the Teach dialog box.

The default is that Compact mode is selected.

Target Definition Mode on Open

Use the option to select the target definition mode in which you generally prefer to work within the Teach dialog box.

The default is that Tag targets are selected.

Step Size

If you select the Set Heart Beat as default check box, the default step size for the robot is its heart beat.

The default is that the check box is not selected.