This page describes the options that determine what is displayed in the geometry area when you use Process Verification:

PPR Tree Synchronization

Scroll activity to center

When selected, the PPR tree scrolls up and down so that as each activity is highlighted, the PPR tree is centered on that activity. If the activity shown by Process Verification is not visible because it is in an unexpanded portion of the tree, only the parent process is highlighted, unless Expand PPR Tree is also selected.

Selecting Scroll Activity to Center makes available the Expand PPR Tree check box.

Expand PPR tree

Selecting this option results in the PPR tree expanding when the activity Process Verification is showing is not visible in the tree. This option is unavailable when Scroll Activity to Center is not selected.

The Scroll activity to center check box is cleared by default; as a consequence, the Expand PPR Tree check box is unavailable by default.

Support Engineering Requirements

When the option is selected, then the shown/hidden behavior default is on as described in in Product Visibility in Process Verification.

When the option is not selected, then PIR relations (Process implements requirements) are not supported. An  Engineering Requirements visualization status doesn’t change due to a PIR relation. Also cross-highlighting for PIR relations is not supported and the cross-highlight dialog doesn’t contain this relation type.